About us

Our philosophy

Mily is a residential housing product focused on serving the needs of families living in and near cities. At Mily, everything from the design of our buildings to our community programming is rooted in the belief that families live better when they’re part of a strong community.

The convenience of city living has more families than ever choosing urban environments over the suburbs. While city living is convenient, hectic schedules, lack of child-friendly spaces, and the rising cost of childcare all contribute to making city life more difficult for families.

Mily helps alleviate many of the problems affecting city-dwelling families by providing family-oriented design features, kid-friendly spaces and on-site childcare solutions. At Mily, families are encouraged to share in the joys and burdens of raising children - whether it’s recommending daycare options or empathizing over the struggles of potty training.

Living at Mily allows you and your family to spend time on the things that really matter - we’ll take care of the rest.

Leadership team

The Common team pairs decades of combined experience at best-in-class real estate firms with veteran experience from industry-changing tech companies.

Executive Team

Brad Hargreaves

Founder & CEO

Jeremy Avin

President, Consumer

Eric Rodriguez

Vice President, Operations

Jennifer Chang

Vice President, Studio

Eric Edelman

Vice President, Platform

Adam Gotterer

Chief Technology Officer

Jesse Strauss

Senior Director, Legal Affairs

Simon Jawitz

Chief Investment Officer

Jessica Kaplan

Vice President, Finance

Amalia Paliobeis

Senior Director, Real Estate Accounts

Sara Marzitelli

Vice President, People Operations

Jake Chai

Chief of Staff

Property Operations Leadership

Calynne Oyolokor

Sr. Director of Property Management

Georgia Flaum

Director, Member Experience

Shayna Makaron

Director, Optimization

Jodi Farbish

Director, Sales

Zoran Pupovac

Director, Implementation

Justice Bryan

Associate Director, Property Management (Noah)

Ri Zheng

Sr. Manager, Housekeeping Operations

Real Estate Accounts Leadership

Sandy Albert

Real Estate Growth Lead

Brian Lee

Managing Director

Caesar Nguyen

Senior Director, East

Matt Micksin

Senior Director, West

Centralized Specialists

Shawn Holt

Manager, Property Accounting

Megan Hershman

Associate Director, Interiors

Hayeon Shim

Associate Director, Architecture

Molly Graizzaro

Associate Director, Brand Marketing

Rachel Arendse

Property FP&A Manager

Jeffrey Koppin

Director, Talent

Jaya Paliwal

Director, Growth Marketing

Regional Property Leadership

CJ Cintron

Director, Property Management, Northeast

Chris Bartlett

Director, Property Management, Central

Travis Merine

Director, Property Management, Southeast

Jada Hill

Director, Property Management, West

Andrea Capistran

Portfolio Manager II


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